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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).


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Based on the idea that "a person working in a happy company" can work in a "stable manner".

To a Dream-filled Future
With high aspirations and beliefs, we provide solutions to the customers' various management issues. We aim to be a proposal-type software house where all the staffs are planning and focusing on the mobilization and application of technology.
High Level of Expertise
In 1989, as a member of Shinnichiro Group, the system division gain independence. The Shinnichiro Group is a company with a high level of expertise, utilizing collaboration, in order to meet the diverse demands of customers and contribution to society through work.
About Skill-up Support
We support our employee's skill-up by various programs such as educational training and qualification acquisition support (in-house curriculum, participation expense burden, and educational material expense). There are many highly skilled engineers in the company, as well as a technical knowledge database, which you can use to improve your skills. Our company is characterized by employees actively working on self-development with positive aim to improve technology.
About Management
Our company motto is "Sincerity, Harmony, and Creativity."
"Diligently maintaining harmony and carefully nurturing the hard-working members" is our stance. The feature of the business is not a group of programmers staring at the PC from morning until night. With the few upper position, most engineers participate in projects that utilize their skills and are involved in the upstream process.

Impressions After Joining the Company

[Private life is also fulfilling!]
I have been in charge of building an in-house server after joining the company for four months, and I am already allowed to go to an expensive seminar!
This is an environment where anyone can grow if they have the motivation! There is no excessive overtime work or work on holidays, and you do not have to worry about paid vacations. Private life is also fulfilling!

[Several years have passed since I joined the company. I worked in SE, accounting, transportation, etc.]
I lived in Chiba prefecture and was hoping to work in Utsunomiya city. I met this company, but by listening to the story of the president and executives who interviewed me, there is this feeling that i wanted to work with the company and its employees. The desire gradually became stronger and I wanted to join the company.
Shortly after joining the company, I have been assigned in the CAD operation and maintenance of a car manufacturer. Knowledge of the car and the ability to understand CAD, and communication skills with the user were important in doing business, and sometimes advanced skills were required. Because I had no experience with CAD, I had a hard time, but I was able to overcome it through the company's pre-training, and through teamwork that crossed the barriers of seniors and juniors. In that sense, it is a company with a strong sense of camaraderie.
My job is to work behind the scenes in the process of building a product. I feel pleasure and rewarding when i receive "thanks", as I use my experience and knowledge to efficiently and smoothly support the user.
There is an opportunity to develop your skills by attending external training, and to have employees gather together once a month and hold a study group. In addition, each employee who works together gets a high level of professionalism. There is also a good mental stimulation in self-studying without having to stay only in the area of expertise. If you have a desire to learn, you are at the right company.
I, myself believe that self-growth is the biggest factor in expanding the possibilities of work, and now I'm trying to be a leader who has the power to pull the team and push it up.
I am looking forward in joining the company and to be able to work harder with the team.
Company Trips, and Benefits

Company trips are regularly held once every two years. The last time was in Hakone and Hatsushima. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and Jacuzzi bath at the Resort hotel! It is also possible to use a "membership-based hotel" because it is cheap and private.

In 2015, we went to Yamagata cherry picking, Iwate Chusonji temple, Wankosoba, and Hanamaki Onsen...

Geibi River, River descent, Matsushima, etc... We also enjoyed "Mitsuyo meishou" in Tohoku.

Try-s Tennis Club
Feel the fun and difficulty of tennis. Let's get used to the ball and the racket while having fun!

To promote health. It's not only for scoring. Move your body to the pin!

Training Case Study - Specialized Curriculum by Field

If you join the company, you will start to skill-up through technical training and practicing it in the field. But in order to prioritize staffing based on the field of expertise of the person, we will assemble a personalized training program.

In order to meet our customers' sophisticated and delicate needs, we are taking a stance to grow with our customers. We are professionals in software development, but our customers are also professionals in the industry. As the proverb says "A good speaker is a good listener". So in order to make a good proposal and be accepted, it is a prerequisite to understand the demand and the real purpose of the customer. As an engineer, the ability to communicate smoothly with the customers is also a requirement for success.

"Efforts to stretch the antenna for a wider range of information and to continuously refine its sensitivity are the first steps to capture something new."

"There is a work place where you can demonstrate your own power everywhere."

We are looking for people who have the ambition to expand their experience, and to cultivate a place of creativity within their own hands.

Training Case Study - Manufacturing Training Using 3D CAD and 3D Printers

In CAD training, we practiced from basic operation method of 3D CAD (which is the core of digital mockup technology) to prototyping using actual 3D output such as drawing and automation macro.

We learned practical skills based on the design methods of Honda, Toyota and others, using high-end CAD that utilizes CATIA and NX which are used around the world, mainly in the automobile and the aircraft industry!

We can actually get the output of the mock-up and learn its design's efficiency and output.

We output not only the simulation form, but also what can actually be used.

Application Requirements

  Pre-entry Form
[Contact us] 0120-253-255

Recruitment Guidelines
New Graduates (within 3 years) - Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Tochigi

Recruiting Division
Programmer / System Engineer (Recruitment of new graduates (within 3 years))
Welcome Experience
  Experience using Excel, PowerPoint, etc. in research reports.
  Programming experience in class and/or as a hobby
  Monthly Salary
@ESenior High School Graduate: 210,000 yen
@EBachelor's Degree: 230,000 yen
@EUniversity Post-graduate: 235,000 Yen
@ฆIncluding housing allowance
  Salary Example
@EAnnual income: 4,250,000 yen (27yo with 5 years experience)
@EAnnual income: 5.8 million yen (33yo with 13 years experience)
Salary Increase/Bonus
  Raise: Once a year (May)
  Bonus: Twice a year (June ฅ December)
ฆ Based on company performance and work results
Work place
Tokyo, Tochigi, Kanagawa, Chiba
  Various Social Insurance
  Retirement Benefits
@ERetirement + Allowance (ฆ Applicable limit applicable)
  Housing Subsidy System
@ERent E Home loan 30,000 yen supplementary
  (ฆ Payment terms are available)

  Permanent Award System for long years
@E10 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, 35 years
  Skill-up support system for engineers
@EQualification assistance (Examination fee, transportation fee, etc.)
@EEducation Assistance (Tuition, educational materials, etc.)
@ESeminar Subsidy (Tuition, transportation fee, etc.)
@EBooks purchasing aid (Books, DVDs, etc.)
  Commuting Allowance
@EFull Subsidy (Up to 30,000 yen maximum)
  Use of facilities
@EOyama Recreational Center, Tottori Prefecture
@EResort Trust Company EXCIB Hotel member
Application Method
EBy filling-up pre-entry form.
EBy sending your resume, graduation certificate and transcript record by mail.
Send To
Recruitment, General Affairs Group
Sales Management Department, Head Office

3F Shinnichiro Building, 324-107 Nishifurumatsu,
Kita-ku, Okayama City

Tel: 0120-253-255

General (Mid-career/Contractual) Employee

Recruiting Division
System Engineer Contractor
1. CAD/CAE System Development
@@ฆ Graduate School of Engineering and Mechanical engineering
2. Groupware, Database and Web development
Welcome Experience
Any experience is okay..
But itfs nice to have any of following experiences below:
@  Web System (Java, C#,, etc)
@  Android (Java) Development
@  Lotus Notes/Domino Development
@  Microsoft .NET Development
@  SharePoint Development
@  Web(HTML,CSS,JS,Flash) Design Development
@  CATIA V5 Development and Modelling
@  NX Development
@  CAE
  Monthly salary from 300,000 yen to 450,000 yen@
Work Location
E Tokyo or Chiba prefecture or Kanagawa prefecture
E For those working in Tochigi prefecture
Application Method
EBy filling-up pre-entry form.
EBy sending your resume and curriculum vitae by mail.
Send To
Recruitment, General Affairs Group
Sales Management Department, Head Office

3F Shinnichiro Building, 324-107 Nishifurumatsu,
Kita-ku, Okayama City

Tel: 0120-253-255

Internship Program

Application category
College/University/Graduate school students who are planning to graduate, or who are job hunting after graduation
ETo those who have passion for IT (Regardless of any field)
EThose who are able to express their opinions proactively and challenge without fear of failure
ฆ We are also looking for an aspired engineer. If you think that "IT" is fun, inexperienced self-learning students are welcome as well.
We will consult about work hours, number of work, period of work, and study support.
Application Method
EBy filling-up pre-entry form.
EBy sending your resume and curriculum vitae by mail.
Send To
Recruitment, General Affairs Group
Sales Management Department,Head Office

3F Shinnichiro Building, 324-107 Nishifurumatsu,
Kita-ku, Okayama City

Tel: 0120-07-7523

Partner Companies

As you move forward with the project, your relationship with the partner company is not just to match the personnel, we need to understand their vision and culture and face the same direction. Therefore, we have implemented the following initiatives:

ฆ Sales support that meets the needs of partner companies
ฆ Learning support for acquiring skills and business knowledge through periodic study meetings
ฆ Exchange between management team and various management support

We are looking for partner companies who aim to grow with each other by leveraging their strengths and expertise.
Business Partner
For Corporate Partners,
Please kindly send the necessary documents and job details below:

Dispatch Company

Application Guidelines
We are looking for the following:
System Engineer
EAge: 25-40 years old
EKnowledge of web systems
ELanguages: JAVA/PHP/Perl/JavaScript/VB.NET/C, etc.
EOS: Windows/Linux/Android/IOS, etc.
EThose who have good communication skills.
CAD Operator
Chiba Prefecture
EAge: 23 to 30 years old
EExperience using CAD and can create drawings and 3D shapes
EThose who have good communication skills.
System Engineer
Tochigi Prefecture
EAge: 25 to 40 years old
EKnowledge of program development
ELanguages: JAVA/PHP/Perl/JavaScript/VB.NET/C++
EGraduates of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
EThose who have good communication skills.
Business Partner
For Dispatching Staffs,
Please kindly send the necessary documents and job details below:


Microsoft Partner






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