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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).


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The documents, photographs, illustrations, images, and edits provided on the web by the Try-s Co.,Ltd. on this site are protected by copyright law, and these copyrights belong to Try-s Co.,Ltd. If it is due to a third party's writings, it belongs to the third party.

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However, no matter how you do this, you cannot transfer copies to a third party (including acts such as transmitting through a network).

The information posted is provided as a mere information, without any warranty, whether it is an express, implied, or statutory responsibility. However, it may prohibit the exclusion of implied warranties of liability by country or region, and the foregoing exclusion provisions are not applicable in such countries or regions.

The information posted may include inaccurate displays or typographical errors that cannot be avoided by technology. In addition, depending on the nature of the software or hardware used for reading, it may appear in different colors.

The information and the contents of the program may be improved or changed without prior notice.

The information received from the people you are looking at is deemed to be not necessary to keep all confidentiality and will not bear the handling obligations. In addition, the company may disclose and distribute such information and the ideas, know-how, and technology contained in such information without limitation in the reproduction use or other.


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