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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).

RECRUIT採用 - プレエントリー

[Recruitment of 2018 New Graduates]
  Pre-entry for 2018 New Graduates

Contact us: 0120-253-255

 ※ Attention
   You can not use letters, kanji, etc. that are not specified at the 1st and 2nd level of the Japanese
  Industrial Standard (JIS).
   Since there is a possibility of causing garbled characters when including some old name in the name,
  please input by substituting new letter into input letter.



Mr/Ms  【Required】





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 〜 If you can apply above, we will contact you separately from the recruiter. 〜
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  1. For inquiries
  2. ■ During Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and summer vacation, we will process after the next business day. Additionally, depending on the contents, we may take a long time to answer. Please understand it beforehand.
  3. ■ Depending on the contents of your inquiry, we may be able to respond by slow-mail, telephone, fax, etc., rather than by e-mail.
  4. ■ Depending on the area, Try-s, or Shinichiro group may be able to respond.

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