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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).



May 2015
We were published in Shimono newspaper and the Job journal.
April 2015
Public Cloud service - Cloudn
(Price Reduced! From 450 yen per month)
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Service Related (FAQs)

Q. What is the main service (job type / skill) that you support?

A. Consultant / System Engineer / Programmer / Technical Support / Analysis / Simulation
/ CAD Operator / Help Desk / System Test / Evaluation / Verification / Field Engineer / DTP
/ CG Designer / Web Production.

Q. I would like to ask for your support along with the development.

A. We can arrange the support system together with the development, it is possible to provide a smooth system landing.

Q. Is contractual development possible?

A. It is possible. There is a development environment (on premises and clouds) at Tokyo and Utsunomiya Office.

Q. Can I dispatch a System Engineer/Programmer?

A. It is possible. (Special Worker Dispatch Project: 33-01-0087)

Q. How can I make a quotation request?

A. Please contact us at We will respond within one day or two from assignment.

Q. How much do you have in scale?

A. We have a track record of 40,000 CAD on a large scale, and have a history of Web DB architecture.

Q. Existing maintenance fee is high, usability is bad and standard functions do not compensate in some cases..

A. Its is possible to correspond with "Maintenance Coupons". For functionality improvement, it is possible to flexibly configure it separately. It is possible to apply and evaluate it in some departments and then expand it to other departments, and to global bases.

Employment Information Related (FAQs)

Q. Please tell me about the content of the company briefing session.

A. From the industry-wide trend of IT industry and SE work, we will tell you about our company. Also, in order to accomodate each one of you, we will hold a small number of people. We will discuss it by the order of entries, so, please do "pre-entry" application first.

Q. Is there a qualification that can be used after joining the company? Also, are there any qualifications encouraged after joining the company?
(Do you have a favorable qualification?)

A. The General Information Engineer examination sponsored by METI among the qualifications of SE is encouraged to acquire within one to two years after joining the company. After that, we are also encouraging the qualifications of specialized fields such as Applied Information Engineering, and Database examination.
We also encourage vendor qualifications, accounting and financial qualifications that are directly related to Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP-sponsored operations. We have established an incentive system to obtain the examination fee and the learning material for each qualification.

Products handled (FAQ)

Q. What is "CATIA"?

A. CATIA is 3D CAD Software developed by Dassault Systemes and is used especially in the fields of automobiles and airplanes. Recently, it is used in the field of the consumer electronics, the machine, and the ship, and the solution module divided into seven areas is developed.
CATIA stands for Computer graphics Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application.


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TRY-S Co.,Ltd.

Toll Free: 0120-07-7523

Okayama Head Office
4F Shinnichiro Building
324-107 Nishifurumatsu, Kita-ku, Okayama City 

Tokyo Office 
3F Wakatsuki Building
5-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to

Utsunomiya Office
9F Utsunomiya Nishiguchi Building
1-4-6 Ekimae douri, Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture