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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).


Business Areas and Results

Products and Services


 Dassault Systemes CATIA
 Dassault Systemes CAA
 Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
 Dassault Systemes ABAQUS

 Siemens NX
 Siemens Teamcenter


 Autodesk AutoCAD
 HyperWorks HyperMesh

Web, Database, Groupware

 IBM Lotus Notes / Domino

 Microsoft SharePoint (Microsoft Network Partner)

 Other databases in general

Development Language・Development Environment

<Programming Language>
 . NET Development in general
 C++,C#,Objective-C, Java,CSS, Perl, VB,VBA,PHP,
 CATVBA, Lotus Notes Script,

 Windows API,OpenGL,NotesAPI,
 Android, POI, jQuery
 Analysis, survey and API production which are not official APIs are also accepted.

<Eligible Qualifications>
・Operational Quality Qualifications: ITIL (IT service management) Qualifications
・Security: Certificate of Private Information Administrator (CPP / Corporate Privacy Professional)
・National Qualification in general: Project Manager, Network Specialist, Applied Information, Basic Information
・Oracle Certification
・Dassault Systemes - CATIA Certified Engineer Qualification
・CAD Engineer
・Computational Mechanics Engineer (CAE engineer) Qualification
・Color Coordinator, Color Test
・Construction Accountant Clerk

<Internal Quality Improvement Training>
・SLA in System Operation
・System Operation Management and Practical Training
・Information Security Measures Practical Training
・Project management, Quality Analysis, Progress Analysis, and Countermeasure Training
・Review and Test Technology Training in Program Development
・Requirement Definition Technique for Business Analysis and Design Practical training
・Human Error Countermeasure Training in IT Operation
・System Troubleshooting and Response Training
・Object Oriented Training
・Java Programming Training
・C++ Programming Training
・Database Design and Construction Training
・CATIA Operation, and Automated Macro Training
・Notes/Domino Designer Training
・Security Training for Web Application Development
・Improvement point training that boosts productivity of work

About the Development Process

"Clarifying Issues", "Essential Solutions" and "High Cost Control"

  • Clarifying Issues
We will provide the actual function development together with the selection of the tool with the technical capability for the required request. (Possible solutions to problems in the past, case examples overcoming the walls are presented)

  • Essential Solutions
We aim to solve essential issues of your company's issue, not proposals from tools and functions.
(We propose to include the nature of the problem and the knowledge of the past.)

We have implemented many feasibility and agile development to organize our original requirements.
  • High Cost Control
We don't just develop blindly. (Reduction of costs) We propose appropriate suggestions with comprehensive knowledge of design, environmental construction and development.

One Step to the Increasing IT Maintenance Costs 
 〜 We propose the content visualization and improvement measures. 〜 

Over the years, due to environment, OS and other major specification changes, there are many cases where software modules are forced to change resulting to the increase cost of maintenance fee. Despite the improvement of management and quality of software development, and the decrease in the number of problems in the requirement specification, maintenance fees are often "constant" regardless of the actual cost of operation.

"Maintenance Service Coupon"
For the termination and modification of the system, required maintenance cost will be the same, and the unnecessary costs will be valuable for a number of years in succession to the next model.

The Japan manufacturing industry has gained the world's highest level of competitiveness as a result of the blood-oozing effort, but unfortunately it has a low global presence in the IT industry and a lot of revenue sources of annual maintenance contracts. We do not forget to study like a manufacturing industry.

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TRY-S Co.,Ltd.

Toll Free: 0120-07-7523

Okayama Head Office
3F Shinnichiro Building
324-107 Nishifurumatsu, Kita-ku, Okayama City

Tokyo Office
3F Wakatsuki Building
5-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to

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2F Toei Building
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