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Specialist, Satisfy, Spirits. Our mission is to develop "state-of-the-art software" that exploits these three "S" philosophy with the meaning of a challenge spirit (TRY).


SI - Web Application, Database, Social Community, and Groupware Development

We have a track record of web groupware development, such as design and development of internal workflow systems, systems that concentrate on accesses of 40, 000 people at all times, CRM call center, etc. We are also good at improving internal information systems, as well as building-up and improving the environment. Please contact us if you are having troubles with Groupware Migration or Collaborative Development.


  • General Communication System Construction,
    Web Groupware, Database Development and Maintenance

・CRM Build and Development (User Support Window, CTI/IVR System Collaboration)
・Business Workflow, Database Development of Authentication and Approval System
・Improvement of Database Processing Performance (Re-design and Construction)
・Data Quality Improvement (Data Cleansing and Data Mining)
・Multi-platform Support (Rich Client, Web, and Mobile)
・Support to XML/Web Services (Internet collaboration and RSS delivery)
・Security Measures (Governance and Compliance Support)
・Failover Environment Construction (System Backup Structure)
・Enhancement of Analysis and Function (Search Algorithm Development)
・Equipment Coordination Collaborative Development (DB collaboration with Video Conference System)
・Development and Construction of Log Collection System (Cause Analysis)
・Hacking Measures and Current Status Survey
・Database Development of OA Equipment Collaboration
・・・as well as, over 15-years experience of 40,000-people scale system development
   Number of web operation systems: Approx. 2,560 functions/specifications

Mobile Device and Smartphone Development

We have developed a track record of smartphone manufacturers from native apps to entertainment apps.
In recent years, the number of orders for collaborative development with in-house systems and existing database systems has been rapidly increasing.


  • Mobile Terminal Development (Embedded System) · Pad Utilization System Support

EC Site Collaborative Google App Development
Fashion, Entertainment-based Streaming App Development
SONY Native App System Development
・Development of Smartphone Manufacturer Standard Function
・Smartphone/Tablet Collaborative App Development
・Groupware Collaborative Development
・Web Application Development
・DoCoMo "I-mode" has been developed from the era of mobile devices

PLM-CAD / CAM / CAE / PDM Development

We provide CAD/CAM/CAE development with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry from the beginning of the shipbuilding industry and the transition of design and analysis from 2d to 3d.

  • CAD, CAM, CAE Development, Analysis and Simulation
    Stress Analysis, Impact Analysis, Structural Analysis, Thermal Fluid

・Manufacturer's Proprietary Function, Analysis Application Development
・Development of Design/Drafter Support Modules
・Engine Port Related Development
・Harness, Welding, Sealer, Press, Wiper Related Development
・Visibility Regulation Measurement, Roof Curvature Ratio, Air-conditioning Heat Quantity, Pillar Related Development
・Instrument Panel, Press Hole, Maul, Glass Cost, Fuel Tank Related Development
・Mission Analysis Development, Shaft Deflection Calculation System Development
・3d Drawing Supercomputer Analysis Data Efficiency Collaborative Development
・3d Drawing Automatic Reporting Function Collaborative Development
・Efficiency and Precision Development of CAE Analysis
・・・as well as, approximately 130 functions / kinds of development achievements

・CAD System Introduction, Transfer Support, and Consultation
・CAD Release Upgrade Environment Support
・CAD Designer Support (Function Operation, Defect Isolation)
・PDM Implementation Support Verification and Construction
・Model Test Verification, Drawing Quality Check
・Lecturer for CAD education
・CAD Q&A, Fault, Trouble, Restoration Work Support
・・・as well as, over 25 years experience of tens of thousands support


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TRY-S Co.,Ltd.

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